got a flat tire last night in midtown

got a flat tire last night in midtown.

parked the car in the only open spot on the block, right in front of some fancy Park Ave apartment building. went to meet my significant other at the train. walked back to the car. she doesn’t want me changing a tire while in the road so she waves her scarf to signal the oncoming traffic. Continue reading

colorful paul

new Paul Maddison recording

Dear World- my man Paul Maddison just released his 2nd solo track. He’s a badass and has lyrics about “butter sandwiches.” i had the privilege of producing, recording all the overdubs, mixing, and playing some instruments. we snuck in a little metal moment, too.

check it here:

and check paul’s website here:

serious work was whipped by Jason Wexler, Bobby Bananaz, Jim Perry, Steven Salcedo, and Kenny Shaw.